Blog Post : : France

“Lone Olive Tree” Provence oil/panel, 6 x 8 inches, available

From Paris to Provence, this beautiful country holds a special place in my heart for my grandfather was from the city of Nancy in the Lorraine. One of my earliest memories include him teaching me to sing “Frère Jacques” on the front steps of our house.

My father is fond of saying that grandpa ‘knew his way around the kitchen’. He would often make crêpes for the family for breakfast and when we’d stroll into the kitchen at 9am, he’d offer a hearty ‘Good Afternoon!’ in his heavy accent with a smile on his face. Grandpa has since passed but I can hear his voice clearly to this day.

As for my French language skills, I still have much to learn but that doesn’t stop me from crossing the pond every chance I get. 

drawings in Provence…